Counting to 1000: Valentine's Day Gifts


Although I don't really know my husband's full feelings about Valentine's day, he has always recognized it (well) for my sake. Also, I'm still in that phase when my boys (especially the little one) think I'm their Valentine. Regular girls are not gross yet, but they are inconsequential in terms of love. I'm the girl in all their lives, and I'm thankful for that especially.

Some other Valentine's Day gifts:

51. Tulips from my two boys

52. Comte Gruyere at a bargain from Costco

53. Homemade jewelry from Shortbread

54. A homemade valentine from Shortbread

55. St. Andre' cheese; also a bargain from Trader Joe's

56. Just enough leftover pancake batter to make impromptu heart pancakes this morning

57. The ultimate gift from my sweetie - running to Costco for me

58. A new one to love...Charlie! (still quaking if we bring out the camera, so this one's through a window)

59. An at-home date night, which can still be romantic with my guy and good cheese

60. That he's my husband AND my Valentine (even if he's not a real cowboy)

So many more gifts at A Holy Experience...

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