Counting to 1000: Gifts #61 - 70


61. the early spring garden

62. my husband doing all of the work on the early spring garden

63. eavesdropping on kindergarten playmates playing "I Spy"

64. miniature garden tools, muddy hands

65. mild, overcast, calm days

66. enough coolness at night to merit a cup of hot tea

67. new school room posters

68. sandalwood candles when the house smells like dog...or anytime

69. my kids eating the baking soda-missing-pumpkin-chocolate-chip "muffins" (hockey pucks) without complaining (the chocolate makes them bearable?)

70. a whole week without school!

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Comments (2)

Great post! Lots to be thankful for!
God is so good...

Laughed over #62, got misty over #64, and you know how I feel about #66. xo