Still Counting: Gifts # 21 - 32

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I am still counting the gifts I see around me, but I missed posting last week. Hopefully, it was because I was fully engaged in enjoying His gifts.

We had a lovely Christmas, surrounded by family and friends, celebrating the One Gift that makes all the others possible. Here are some of those:

21. Energy to make just one more trip to the grocery store for more eggs, or mushrooms, or sugar, or batteries...

22. Grandma Marie's and my "secret recipe" soup for Christmas Eve eve

23. My mom arriving on Christmas Eve with tables, chairs, extra decorations, meatballs, cheese, and deviled eggs, and cookies

24. Children singing in the choir, the littles trying so hard (mostly)to be still in all the excitement.
25. The look on our children's faces as they sit in the candlelight, captivated, as the pastor tells The Story.

26. Friends, family, and laughter in every corner of this home.

27. The blessing of celebrating my birthday, too, while we all gather to celebrate His.

28. Butter Cake on Christmas morning.

29. Working with my in-laws, husband, and father (and occsionally the boys) to complete a 1000-oiece dinosaur puzzle that I puchased for the 5 year-old (!)

30. A white Chirstmas IN GEORGIA y'all!

31. When all is quiet and dark in the house, except for the crackling of the fire and the glow of the Christmas tree, and I can sit in wonder and awe that He came here.

32. Christmas day with all the busyness over and nothing left but stillness and joy (and cookies, lots of cookies).

To share your Christmas gifts, or peek at what others have received, visit A Holy Experience.

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