Counting to 1000: Gifts #11 - 20


My brain doesn't work well past 9:00 PM, especially when it's cold, and we're into the final half-hour of Monday now. But I can't go to bed unless I've made time be grateful for these:

11. a mother-in-law who always finds time and energy to wash the dishes and snuggle the grandchildren, but has never found a moment to criticize in 10 years

12. that the unemployment that brings uncertainty and stress also brings my husband/their father home for a December with his family

13. 40th birthday gifts in the month I turn 41

14. mittens in the mail on the coldest day of the year

15. dry firewood

16. a broken fever

17. a young son who listens for hours to his papa, even when Papa can't remember the words...or sometimes, his grandson's name

18. the woman who went home to the Lord yesterday, who loved the boys like grandchildren, buying extra cereal she would have a toy from the box for each

19. Barney Butter

20. snow flurries in December...in Georgia

Please join me in making time for gratitude at A Holy Experience.

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These are beautiful. However, a definition for the uninitiated on #19 might be a good idea. xo