Weekly Wrap-Up: Thanksgiving Theme (of Course!)

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Since our academic weeks run from Thrusday to Wednesday (due to the schedule of our hybrid school), but I'm writing this on the Monday after Thankgiving, I'm covering about two weeks worth of happenings. The wonderful thing is this: I have very little to "wrap-up" from the past two weeks, because our school schedule was so slow. I'm so grateful to have had a break - we needed it!

We spent the evenings watching Desperate Crossing - a documentary about the Pilgrims and their voyage on the Mayflower. My friend Ellen recommended it, and we were glad she did.

Of course, the highlight of the week was Thanksgiving Day, which we spent at my parents' home in the next town. My dad's brother and his wife were passing through on their way home to Ohio from Florida, so they were able to join our celebration.

Each year, my mom makes the turkey, dressing, potatoes and gravy. I bring the vegetables and desserts. This year, Bearclaw prepared the Corn Chive Pudding for us. He definitely has a gift for working in the kitchen.

As we went around the table to name 3 things we were thankful for this past year, I listed "that I have such a hard time limiting myself to 3 things" as one of my blessings. My family claimed this was a cop-out. Maybe, but it's so true!

I hope you have trouble limiting your list to just 3, too.

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I really want to watch "Desperate Crossing" but we don't have netflicks or anything like that & I haven't brought myself to actually buy it yet. Is it worth buying???

Hi Jamie,

Hmmm...it's good, but it's still a History Channel-type production, and some of the comments from the folks interjecting into the drama made me roll my eyes. We found it informative and interesting, indeed, but it's not moving in a way that will cause us to watch it again and again each year.