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Thanksgiving Day has passed, and we've moved on to Advent, rushing to switch our Gratitude Tree for an Advent Calender. Don't get me wrong, I love the excitement and anticipation of this season. But I need more thanksgiving - more giving thanks.

I've felt a change within myself lately. I don't know if anyone else has noticed; it's internal mostly. I think my kids can tell. The change is that I am focused so much more than ever on praising God for all the grace he's given me (and it's all grace). I didn't decide to "work on gratitude" in order fufill a goal on a spiritual goals list. It's just come. It's just been given. Partly, it may have come through Ann VosKamp's offerings at A Holy Experience and those who have joined her. To look on the everyday with eyes that behold only what is beautiful and sacred. Not turning eyes from brokeness and pain, but finding the holy in it. Could that be how we're meant to see?

So it's the Monday after Thanksgiving, and I want to keep going. I'm joining in with Ann to list 1000 Gifts (and more).

  1. knowing Who to thank

  2. our soon-to-be nine year old still wanting me to sing (if you want to call it that) to him every night

  3. our kindergartener who is still small enough to be lifted, held, carried

  4. my husband smiling everyday (every difficult day) when he walks through the door

You can join in, too. Just use the link at the top to visit Ann's site.

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Glad to see you join! :)


Yay for joining in! I especially love number two. :)

These list do get addictive and I'm so glad!