Weekly Wrap-Up: I Almost Forgot


'Tis the season for me to forget all sorts of things. With all of the recipes, events, visits, and "to-do"s running through my head, I tend to push some of the regular things out, like remembering to clean the toilets or post on my blog ( I DO like this better). If it weren't for Bearclaw's steel trap of a brain, we'd have missed the last two choir practices.

Don't get me wrong - I love all the craziness of the next 6 weeks. Pretty much. We focus on gratitiude for all of November, as we prepare for Thanksgiving. My favorite family tradition related to Thanksgiving is our "Gratitude Tree". Every morning we each write something for which we are thankful to God on a leaf and attach it to our tree. I've seen many other versions of this traditions on blogs this month, and I love all the variations.
Here is ours:

This was our final week of school before a 2-week break for Thanksgiving. (Well, not a total break, but a definite slow-down.) In history, Bearclaw covered Week 12 in Bibilplan, which is the last week covering the 17th century. We read about and discussed John Locke, Isaac Newtown, and the Agricultural Revoltuion in England. It's worth noting that while Bearclaw is eight and learning about the ideas of John Locke, I really didn't learn much about him until this summer, when I read Francis Schaeffer's How Should We Then Live? And I am forty.

Shortbread wrapped up his second week with the same assignment sheet, but since he had finished most of his work during the first week, he played, drew, made crafts, and snuggled on my lap a lot this week. I really can't think of a better kindergarten curriculum than that!

I haven't posted much about math, because I don't really think about it that much. Bearclaw finished the money section of Singapore's Primary Mathematics 2B last week, and now we're reviewing the multiplication tables through 5s. We probably need to pick up the pace if we're going to get through level 3A before the school year ends. Singapore supposedly runs about 1/2 year ahead, so we should get through 3A by May to stay on grade level. We'll see.

I seem to have forgotten what else we did this week...I hope the boys remember better than I!

Have a lovely Thanksgiving! Pop over to Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see what everyone else did last week (since I'm posting this on Sunday).

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Am I ever glad you're writing wrap-ups! You do the neatest things and then keep mum about them! I love the gratitude tree. What a great idea!

And the nake John Locke sounds ever so slightly familiar... ;-)