Weekly Wrap-Up: Focus on Fall

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Our weeks begin on Thurdsay instead of Monday, because that is when we begin working on a new assignment sheet from the kids' Wednesday hybrid program. Now I just have to remember what we did way back then.

The weather where we live has been lovely and pretty warm, and we drove up to some property we have in north Georgia for the fall festival there. (When I say property, I mean a small uncleared lot that may never see so much as a toothpick standing on it, but we'll see.) The "giant hay bale" was a highlight for the boys, until we they climbed down and all of the itching, coughing and sneezing started, that is.

Bearclaw completed a fall nature study assignment last week, which included sitting in the yard and sketching. I called him to work on this one afternoon while he was playing outside with Shortbread and a neighbor boy. Surprisingly, both Shortbread and the friend decided to abandon their play and sit down to sketch too. It was so sweet to see all three of them lined up, with paper and sketchpad in hand, gazing quietly out into the trees.

The sketching was followed by painting with watercolors. Here's Bearclaw's completed painting:

Our history studies this week focused on Charles I of England, and I teetered between amusement and horror when I saw the boys' narration drawings; they both drew what might catch the imagination of any boy listening to the story of Charles I - his beheading (complete with lots of red colored pencil)!

We also completed the book, Runaway's Revenge, which we picked up during our study of the slave trade a couple of weeks ago. The book is part of the "Trailblazers" series; each book in the series tells the story of a "hero of the faith" by placing a young person it the midst of the events of each hero's life. Runaway's Revenge is the story of John Newton.
Shortbread worked on the letter "L" over the week, and we read a few good "L" picture books, including:
Leaf Man
Angus Lost
The Very Lonely Firefly
The Little Rabbit
Blueberries for Sal (gotta get those "L's" in somewhere besides the beginning!)
We're on tap for yet another beautiful weekend...hope yours is lovely.

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That haystack looked like it was a lot of fun:) What a BEAUTIFUL painting!! Stopped by from Weekly Wrap-up. Have a blessed Weekend!

Forest Rose

I love the painting - I just found your blog through the Weekly Wrap-Up... I am you newest follower!

Tell Bearclaw is painting is fabulous! And I love Blueberries for Sal. You can really hear the L on the end of that name, can't you??