Menu Plan Monday: A Little Bit Chili


It's getting cooler here, especially at night, so I'm beginning to think more about soups and stews, which I love to cook and to eat. That will also give me a chance to use some of the vegetables I froze this summer, since I missed the farmers' market this week and am low on produce. Also, we're studying Japanese and Chinese history this week, so we'll dabble in some Asian cuisine.

I've posted before about the meal plan outline that I use every week. Due to some schedule changes, it's been modified somewhat, so I put the categories in this plan too.

  • Monday (vegetarian) - Curried Lentil Stew and Brown Rice

  • Tuesday (spaghetti) - Spaghetti Night

  • Wednesday (meal to match history/geography study) - Gyoza

  • Thursday (seafood) - Chili-Lime Glazed Salmon w/ Cornbread casserole and Green Tomato Salad

  • Friday (Pizza) - Grilled Pizza with Olives, Peppers, and Onions

  • Saturday (soup/stew or sandwiches) - Chili

  • Sunday (big Sunday dinner) - BBQ Chicken, Green Beans, Yellow Squash w/ Bacon and Onions, Cheese Biscuits, and Homemade Frozen Pumpkin Yogurt with Maple syrup for dessert.

I just love being able to have stew and chili in the same week; if the highs get down into the 60's, we'll have to have soup everyday!

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Look at you blogging! I'm slobbering over your menu, btw. And guess what?? We're having spaghetti tonight, too!